Writing for Love or Cash?

I've pondered over this question for some time. Do people simply write for the love of it? Are they motivated to express themselves in words to satisfy an inner emotional need? Or is it simply in the hope of getting attention and perhaps making some money?

I can not imagine Charles Dickens sitting down with pen and paper with such thoughts in mind when he expressed his view of society in such a powerful way. Or, for that matter, any great novelist or poet. As great artists they clearly saw the need to find a way to change society for the better.

Sometimes times have changed, but I've yet to get excited about novelists who churn out fictional rubbish which is designed to sell at airports and the like. This, to my mind, is clearly an exercise in money making. No criticism on my part, but of doubt beneficial to society.

Yet, I felt an urge to write some articles on this site. Perhaps they will be published, hopefully yes. But I'm in two minds about it all. Will somebody other than myself derive any benefit from this exercise in self-indulgence?

Over my lifetime it has always been a high priority to indulge in pursuits which can be defined as laboratories of love. Should somebody else derive pleasure from these pursuits, this is of double benefit.

That's one of the reasons why I chose to teach young people how to sing. The pleasure of seeing others succeed is heart-warming and highly worthwhile. I have derived a great deal of pleasure over my lifetime in classical singing. I do not aim to pass on without leaving some of this knowledge to others.

And so, I've taken to article writing. Just to share some of my life's experiences. If there's some cash at the end of the rainbow, well and good. If not, at least I will enjoy the challenge of starting a new career, even at my late stage of life.

So, is it love or cash? I'm still in two minds.

Source by Lloyd Masel

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