Quick Tip To Spread Your Cake Frosting Easier

You just created a beautiful, moist cake. The cake has cooled and
you are ready to top it with frosting.

Problem: As you spread the frosting, it sticks to the cake, pulling up the beautiful golden brown top. Now your cake is topped with clumps.

Do you have trouble spreading your frosting evenly and smoothly after creating a beautiful cake? Me too.

I visited 'Cousin Irma', aka Irma Hird, one Sunday afternoon to get her help. 'Cousin Irma' is known for creating scrumptous desserts and main course meals from easy to follow recipes. She says, "Anyone can do it using items you already have in your kitchen." 'Cousin Irma' shared one of her quick tips for spreading clump-free frosting effortlessly every time. She has a really great chocolate cake recipe that would benefit from this frosting tip! 'Cousin Irma' cave me permission to pass along this tip so that you too, can frost a cake easily.

Here's' Cousin Irma's'simple tip to spread your frosting with ease :

Use ice water to make spreading your frosting easier.

You'll Need :

1 cup of ice water

A good spatula or knife

One Step :

Dip your knife or spatula into ice water before

It really worked! I'm now spreading frozing with ease. "Thanks 'Cousin Irma.'"

Source by Robin Kegler

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