Push Button Cash Site Review

Just recently launched on January 25th 2011, Push Button Cash Site is the brainchild of Daniel Young, a very successful internet marketer. It is a piece of automated traffic driving software that is designed for internet marketers in order to drive masses of free organic traffic to their websites.

What it is in fact, is an automated blogging program designed for word press. The cost originally is $ 47, however after trying to escape from the sales page twice, I saw the offer come down at price to $ 37 and then unexpectedly to $ 27. So what's all the hype?

When you click on the Push Button Cash Site sales page you get the usual amount of sales banter combined with the normal Multitude of ClickBank screen shots showing impressive daily sums of money. He also shows you a video where he logs into his ClickBank account in real time, which on the face of it looks pretty impressive, whether this is genuine or not I will leave that for you to decide.

For $ 27 you receive 4 short videos explaining how the program works and you also get a link to download the software. Young says that it takes just 3 minutes to set up and after this, you should be ready to rock and roll. Whether there are any more upsells after this, I'm not sure.

There are a few automated traffic driving programs like this on the market and Push Button Cash Site is simply the latest. The reviews for this product have been mixed despite the signs are that you do get a lot for your money. It is probably too early to tell as to whether you can make serious amounts of money like it says on the sales page, but always remember to do due diligence and dig a little deeper before you put any of your money out there.

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