How To Make Your Networking Pay Off!

Do you dread having to go to a networking meeting? Does the very thought of it make you anxious? Do you wonder if it is going to have been worth your while attending the event? On one hand Be prepared.

Have all of you marketing materials prepared and ready to go.

Practice what you will say when asked to introduce yourself. Practice over and over until you feel very comfortable with it. Let your intuition guide you as to what you should say. You always will have another event to change and tweak your words. Have a trusted friend help you with this if you want but always trust what you feel deep down. Several times I have changed something because someone else thought I should when deep down I knew my way was best. I would eventually end up going back to what I knew in my heart would work.
Leave early for your meeting allowing plenty of time for any delay that could prevent you from being on time therefore causing you more stress.

2) Set your intention and reflect.

I am very specific with my intention. (I intend to have a relaxed fun time today meeting the people who will be beneficial in helping me achieve my goals. I intend to meet two people today who I would like to schedule to meet one on one at a later time to see how we can help each other.)

Now spend a few minutes reflecting on this intention. Simply breathe deeply and repeat the intent over and over in your mind.

3) Help someone else.

When you enter the room look for someone who looks uncomfortable, someone who looks like you used to feel. It will be easy to spot them. They will usually be found standing or sitting by themselves. Make it your mission to see if you can help this person feel more comfortable. This will shift your focus immediately from yourself and any stress you may still have.

With your newfound mission to help you will not have time to worry about yourself. Do not spend the whole meeting with your new friend however. Play matchmaker. See if you can match them with someone else who may be interested in what they have to offer. Then look for someone else to help. You will be so busy playing matchmaker the time will fly by. You will have met a number of people and because of your helping attitude you will be well respected. When you introduce yourself later, people will honestly want to listen.

4) Visualize your success every day.

Spend some time every day visualizing and focusing on what you want. It is estimated that humans have some 4000 thoughts each day. What are you thinking about? If you are wasting time thinking about what you should have done or said or imagining the worst scenario of what might happen if … then it is high time you begin to shift your beliefs. Start believing in your dreams. Start visualizing what you want to happen. When you do your brain will immediately begin to search for ways to make your dreams a reality.

Follow these four steps and you will find yourself relaxed and eager to attend any networking event. Your relaxed, easy to be around attitude you will attract many new clients and friends.

Source by Kathryn Watson

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